To make disciples that Love God and each other, Learn who God is and Live out their faith practically for their community.

How do we know if we're succeeding at this goal?

If people are Loving God and Others they will:
  • Publicly confess and identify with Jesus Christ through baptism
  • Be involved in ministry by serving the community and one another
  • Regular participate in and support the church inside and out
  • Be dedicated to praying for others
If people are Learning God's Word they will:
  • Be dedicated to a personal, daily time of interaction with the Bible
  • Participate in a weekly home Bible study group
  • Be willing to stretch into a teaching/leading role
  • Desire to obey the commands of Christ
If people are Living out their faith in a practical way they will:
  • Joyfully help with community outreach and evangelism
  • Share Christ with others and invite them to worship
  • Be passionate to make more disciples and leaders
  • Bear spiritual fruit – love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control
The Road Community Church is A Converge MidAmerica Church - please visit here for more info.
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