Spiritual Gift Subjective & Inventory Worksheet

Spiritual Gifts Worksheet

Subjective inventory (on a separate page answer the following questions) 

In my work or church ministry I find myself most fulfilled when . . .

Others have told me I am most helpful when . . .

I am often asked to . . . (e.g. clarify something, pray, serve)

As a Christian, I most often picture myself as . . . (e.g., a coach, teacher, background person)

I believe God has given me the responsibility of _________ in my congregation.

My biggest concern for this church is . . .

If I could be assured of not failing in ministry I would . . .

After reviewing my answers I think I have the gifts of  . . . (list as many as you like)

Affirming our spiritual gifts

List the names of the people in your group and next to them write down as many spiritual gifts as you have experienced through them.




Choose a group member. Focus on that person and list off the gifts you have identified on your chart. After everyone is finished, go to the next person. There should be no discussion at this point.

Gifts others have identified


Three gifts you identified from your subjective inventory:




3. Go around the group again and have each person react to the relationship between the gifts identified by the group and those discovered through the subjective evaluation.

            a. Do they coincide? What can you accept? What can’t you relate to?

            b. What new insights have you received?