Vision of The Road

20 Jun

If you were at the Road this past Sunday you heard me share a vision of what God can do through and in our church over the next 10 years. God has been stirring the hearts of our leaders for several months now and it is time to take a giant leap of faith.

We stand at year 9 in the Fenton campus and Howell has been in existence for 15 years, (7.5 as the Faith Journey and 7.5 as the Road) One of my dreams for the last 9 years has been that we become a church of kingdom impact. By impact I mean that we are seeing people believe in Jesus and be baptized; that we see lives being transformed by the Gospel. I’m okay with a small church as long as it’s delivering a big impact. I feel like we have done well in bringing high impact to our communities. I feel we've done outreach well, that we have loved each other well. God has blessed us with tools for ministry.

But we have had some ups and downs. People have come and gone. In some ways we’ve slowed our pursuit of kingdom impact, still chasing it but not as aggressively. And we’ve aged as a church. What I mean is that churches have a life cycle. Churches are birthed, they have a building phase and after a few years they stabilize. Once they are stable they can either plateau or find a way to move forward and upward in having kingdom impact. If a church gets comfortable in the plateau they could end up declining. Once a church goes into decline it is hard to pull up from the nosedive. We are plateaued at the moment. But we have an opportunity to change our trajectory. I have a bigger dream for the Road than where we are right now. 

Our #1 priority, top goal and primary objective is building the kingdom -sharing gospel with anyone and everyone we can. One of the best and proven ways to reach people with the Gospel is to plant churches. The Road is a church plant. Everyone reading this right now might not be tied to a church, know Jesus or be serving in anyway were it not for God planting a church in Howell and Fenton.

As a church, we will plant a daughter church within 3 years. 

Another way we can live out Jesus' kingdom objectives is to become compliant with the township by putting in a parking lot so we can have a facility to work out of. Along with a parking lot are other facility improvements in both Howell AND Fenton so that we can better reach our community with the Gospel.

I am dreaming of both campuses bursting at the seams as we top 100 in attendance within the next 3 years

I am dreaming of baptizing more than 10 people each year

I am dreaming of renovations at both campuses to accommodate the additional children and babies in our nursery, kids quest and youth ministries

I am dreaming of raising up multiple leaders capable of leading a church

This vision goes beyond the next 3 years. It is the vision for our church for the next couple decades. Kingdom growth and multiplication.

BUT . . . this will take money...….(FREE WILL Giving/sacrifice)

this will take a lot of prayer...…….

this will take a lot of dependency on God...…..

this will require everyone to contribute in some way.

These are big dreams. I know planting a church sounds a little out of reach. But there is never a right time to have a baby. You’re never really ready nor do you ever really have the money. And as a church we are never going to be more ready than we are now. I want the Road to reach people and push back the darkness in this world. One of the best ways to do that is to plant churches even though I don’t know what that looks like for us yet.

This summer the elders will be working on not just the what of these dreams but the how. And we are excited to share those things with you as soon we can.

Thanks for reading. Now the work begins - PRAY!

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