Have you experienced God?

05 Nov

Many Christians would confirm that they know God's Spirit lives in them. They have asked for forgiveness, they have yielded their lives to God, desiring to serve Him, they pray, asking for blessing and direction each day. But what is their daily experience with God? Do they sense His presence each day? Do most Christians see how God is at work around them? Henry Blackaby wrote an incredible study called "Experiencing God" in which he outlined the Biblical steps for knowing and doing the will of God. I highly recommend it. The fundamental principle is that we must look around us and see where God is already working and then join Him in it. The challenge most Christians face is being able to recognize where God is at work. How do we know when God is at work? What are the indicators of His activity?

The best way to start recognizing God's activity around you is to pursue a relationship with Him daily. As we come to know him better we will more easily recognize an invitation from Him to join Him in whatever He is doing.

As we enter this time of focus on Roots to Branches and all that God wants to do in our church, I want to encourage you to go in with your eyes wide open, seeking ways that God is working around us. I also want you to ask God to enable you to experience Him in a new way, that you would pursue a deeper walk with Him and join Him wherever He is moving.

If you're interested in the 13-week study Experiencing God  you can get here: https://www.christianbook.com/experiencing-workbook-knowing-doing-member-updated/henry-blackaby/9781415858387/pd/858387?event=ESRCQ or on Amazon.

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