Core Convictions #2

03 Jul

I began asking last week if you knew your core convictions. What are the beliefs that drive your decisions even when those beliefs are not at the forefront of your conscious thought? What are the default truths that are your bedrock? One of mine is "The Bible is God's word to us and is true, relevant and meant to be understood and obeyed."

I have studied the Bible, it's origin, compilation and preservation and have come to the above conclusion. It is God's Word. Because of this belief I live my life a certain way. I don't believe the answers to life are found "within me" or that I can tap into some greater consciousness for insight. The answers are found in God's Word. I have yet to see the proof that God's word is a lie. Every historical footnote, every archaeological location, every date and every name has proven to be accurate. This is why, in spite of what science may claim, I believe God spoke the world into existence. He did not wind it up and let it evolve. This is why I believe, in spite of the mocking of modern men, that God did in fact flood the earth, saving only Noah and his family.

The Bible is not only God's actual, true words to us, it is relevant. The Bible speaks today. Even in a world of depravity, strange behaviors and stranger beliefs, the Bible addresses these things. Not directly by name but by principle. For example, the worls is insisting that gender is fluid notion and that we must look beyond simple male and female categories. The Bible declares this to be complete nonsense as it states from the very beginning that God created mankind in the image of God, male and female he created them. God established sexual identity at creation and he has not changed it. What about the battle in our nation over immigration? The Bible speaks to this as well and I believe strikes a balance between caring for the poor and the refugee and also abiding by the laws of the land. I don't have the space to flesh this out but there are Biblical principles to guide us in this discussion. 

The Bible is also meant to be understood. God did not write his words so that we would have to unlock a special code to read it. He wanted it to be understood and obeyed. Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible at 176 verses is an ode to God's word and to the joy it brings when we obey it. It is not a book to be looked at, carried or displayed. It was meant to be lived out. So when I read the Bible, I am always asking, what does God want to tell me today?

This core conviction impacts almost every day of my life. If the Bible is actually God's Word, it's true and relevant and meant to be understood and obeyed, it WILL change the way you live. Next, article - core conviction #3. 

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