Core Convictions

24 Jun

What are your core convictions? What are the truths you cling to no matter what the situation? Everyone has core convictions but have maybe never actually written them out and looked at them all at once. What are core convictions? A core conviction is a value you hold that makes you who you are - a belief that defines you. For example, if you hold as a core conviction that every human being has value, you will treat people accordingly. People will see how you treat others and it will become a part of who you are and what people acknowledge about you.

In the same way, you can say that you hold a certain core conviction but if your life doesn't show it, everyone, including you (if you're honest), will have to admit that you don't actually believe what you are saying. For example, I might say that I believe wholeheartedly in the church and in the family of God but if I attend church only one out of every six weeks I am clearly not living out my core convictions.

What is the value of having core convictions? They are foundational to who you are. They are like guideposts along the journey of life. All of us encounter situations that cause discomfort or confusion. We are tempted to violate something we know to be true for the sake of peace or because we are afraid to admit our real feelings. For example, as a parent, one of your core convictions might be that you will protect your family at all costs. And then one day you are with your extended family and your father says something insensitive and rude to one of your children causing them to cry. Your core conviction is now butting heads with your desire to have a good relationship with your extended family and not cause family drama when you're together. If that core conviction is good and right (and in this case I think it is) you will respond accordingly. You will protect your family even if the attack comes from someone you love.

So, what are your core convictions? One of mine is 

True Christians seek to align their hearts and lives with God and his Word. Evidence of true Christianity is seen in words, behavior and spiritual fruit.

I believe the above statement with all my heart. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you will want your heart and life to align with God. There are only a few ways to give evidence that you are a follower of Jesus. The words you say, the actions you take and the spiritual fruit you exhibit. There are many who claim to be Christians but they lack the evidence. They aren't concerned with whether or not their hearts and lives line up with God and his Word. Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of my core convictions and how they impact my life, my family and the church. Perhaps as you read them you will be able to discern what are your core convictions. 

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